Cosmic Glory


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see or hear the word “cosmic”? To some people it is an immediate relation with the term “astronomical meaning,” even relating it to astrology or metaphysics. For our purposes we will relate it more to the Greek word “Kosmos” applying the first use by Pythagoras as “universe”.

We will also relate it to the Greek verb “Kosmein” which means “to order and arrange (troops for battle), to set (an army) in array.

Having these two explanations, we can come up with our definitions for the word Cosmic and the possible use we will give it in this website:


  1. Events related to the universe, world and beyond.
  2. Prelude events of battle formation




Let us now analyze the second word of our website “Glory”. We will be using it in the biblical sense of the word; “Glory” was used in the Septuagint as” יְהוָה כְּבוד” and in the Targum and Talmud as “שְׁכִינָה” commonly known as “Shekinah or Shechinah” in other words “the glory of the Lord”.


This word was translated into Greek as “δόξα” or “Doxa”; a bright cloud by which God made manifest to men his presence and power on earth.


Once we combine the two words in our website “Cosmic and Glory,” The true definitions are revealed in the following statements:


  1. The glory of the Lord throughout the universe, revealed to us through cosmic events.
  2. The glory of the Lord portraying to us the battle that is unseen in our daily lives
  3. The splendor of God through cosmic events


What are cosmic events in our lives?


There are many things happening in our lives, things that we are able to see and control; but most of the things that happen in our lives, we are unable to control and sometimes, we have no idea where these things came from or how it reaches us.


Most of the time people end up saying the words like “why me?” and only when bad things, at least according to our views, happen in our lives. Sometimes we say and think, “I do not deserve this”, because we have no explanation and no idea how or why we were affected with these events.


Ironically, when good things happen without any explanations or any merit, we never say “why me?”, we just enjoy it and are happy with these events in our lives, reaching to the point to think that in fact, we deserve these “good things in our lives”.


Cosmic events are the moments in life that bring no explanations; that we cannot control or sometimes even understand Things that are related to our surroundings, the world around us and beyond; reaching in and reaching out too everyone directly or and indirectly related to us.


There are many things happening in our lives that we can see; others we perceive and sometimes feel; but most of the time, they are invisible to us. We cannot see them. We cannot comprehend them. Why, because there is more to it than what our eyes can see.


Spirit Realm


When I think of Cosmic events, most of the time my mind is taken to Daniel 10: 12-13 “ … Since the first day that Daniel set his mind to gain understanding and to humble himself before God, his words were heard, and I have come in response to them. 13 But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.”


Verse 13 speaks about a cosmic event, a warfare battle, a spiritual battle that no one was able to see, but it was indeed happening. Daniel had no idea, but the Lord has sent his response twenty-one days ago, the response did not reach Daniel before, because there was a spiritual battle between the forces of the evil and the forces of God.



God sent an angel with Daniel’s response, but he was delayed and another powerful angel “an Archangel” the only other archangel mentioned in the Bible “Gabriel” came to help Michael fight “’in the unseen spiritual realm”; therefore, whoever was hindering the him in the first place was someone with power enough to fight and make the powerful Archangel Gabriel join the fight.


To finish, I would like to share with you the ultimate goal of “Cosmic Glory”, to share with you how God’s glory moves in our lives in the spiritual world even when we do not see it or feel it “the fact that we do not see something, does not mean that it is not real”


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